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a brief intro to movies
When a girl has sex with another girl for the first time, I prefer less dynamic scenes. Instead of variety, I focus on the natural flow and want the "newbie" to get the most attention and pleasure. After all, when you have sex for the first time, you don't want anyone instructing you :) I suggest you enjoy the tenderness of Vanessa's first orgasms and first taste of delicious Nancy's pussy, too.
It didn't take Sonya and Nancy much effort to seduce our new and exclusive bombshell Emma. But you've got to give her credit, Emma wasn't confused for a second in the arms of two superstars and her first girly threesome.
This is Evelyn's first maiden orgy. How lucky she is to find herself in the hands of the hottest and most sensual blondes. There is much to envy... A spectacular show with priceless casting.
Just a few weeks ago, we were contacted by Kamy. After a long break following her stellar nude performances, she has decided to return and now wants to indulge in sapphic lovemaking and chooses us exclusively to produce her intimate films with the girls. Our entire team feels privileged and very responsible for this mission. Today we present our first film paired with the amazing Evelyn Elle. Thank you Kama for the incredible confidence, thank you Evelyn for the beautiful performance. To further celebrate this collaboration, this is the first film shot in 8K resolution and with a very special cine camera, with very interesting depth and vivid visuals. It marks a new era in our cinematography. You'll be seeing 8K films more and more on all our sites from now on
Kama has her first time with a girl... she is a fire!
Emma makes her debut with a girl, and there's no better girl for the first time than Nancy. Emma's heavy breathing proves it!
The natural shyness of their first sex together turned Alissa and Trixie on very intensely. Shocked by the unique flower hidden in Trixххie's undies, Alissa gave her a very sensual treat.
Evelin Elle's greatest dream was to be in bed with Nancy. Enchanted by Evelin's beauty, Nancy licked her from all sides with awe and sensual tenderness in their first lovemaking.
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